What our customers say

Mike Hirst, Growltiger, Southerly 35RS

“I mentioned to a friend that I had spotted some black tar in the pre-filter when servicing our Yanmar 30hp engine. He suggested that I try a fuel polisher similar to the one he had bought from Landau UK.

This I did and have been very happy to see the tar drained off easily into a container before it gets to the pre-filter. It is a great peace of mind and would seriously recommend it to others”.


Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan (Jo) Chestnutt, Commanding Officer, 17 Port & Maritime Regiment, The Royal Logistic Corps

“Landau UK are contracted to carry out the servicing and repair to MEXEFLOTE which, due to its age, has brought challenges such as obsolescence in keeping vital equipment operational. Their proactive approach to solve the many issues with this equipment has ensured that the Regiment is able to meet the operational capability required by defence.

Landau UK have worked tirelessly with my Marine Engineering team guaranteeing long term solutions to a plethora of problems extending the lives of expired warranty periods from manufacturers”.

Mark Finch, Senior Project Engineer, Babcock International Group

“We have used Landau UK extensively for maintenance and service work and have always found the company, headed by Ben Metcalfe, extremely responsive, always dealing with both urgent and non-urgent requests within a commendably short time-frame and meeting Key Performance Indicators set by the end client (be that the MoD or private).

Landau have taken on new work in their stride, forming excellent working relationships with my clients and working tirelessly to find long term solutions to ongoing problems. In our dealings with the company we have found them to be transparent and open communicators and to display real ingenuity and engineering nous to exceed the end recipient’s expectations. My contract is a lot less complicated having Landau on board”.